Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Baby Has a Date

My oldest hasn't been a baby for some time (in her opinion since she was 3.)  After all, she's 15, with 16 creepin' up soon.  She's a sophomore this year, has her driving permit, a job, a cell phone, make-up and all kinds of other big-girl things.  Now, add to the list she has a date.  She's going to Homecoming (not her own at this point) with a date.  She went last year with a group of friends.  This year she's going with a group, but she's paired up.  With a boy.  A teenage boy.  I know how her father feels about this, but as her mom it's mixed.  I'm excited for the young woman that she is, and is becoming.  But dating can be both exhilarating and scary (at least for the parent of a dating-age girl.)

We went shopping for her dress and found one quickly (surprise) and with little argument (bigger surprise) as to what I think is appropriate and what should be covered and what she thinks is appropriate.    It's a cute little black dress (that I might have picked out for her as an option. . .and if you're a mom of a girl, you know that you picking out something is usually the first reason they get a disgusted look on their face) and she looks so . . . so grown up.  You know, there might be something to be said for the Victorian-age style of dress!

Now we just need to figure out the logistics of it all. . .we have a soccer conflict (shah) at the time she's supposed to be picked up and people who need to be at church.  I can't miss her first send-off.  With a boy.  Hello, the pictures!  And I might actually be able to use pink again!

Today, Nancy Longo brings us an adorable Disney layout - Minnie Mouse in particular - using her Bigger than a Breadbox September kit, the Authentique Fresh line.  It's not a secret that I love Disney layouts that don't use specifically themed Disney products - I have two visits to scrapbook and am collecting ideas for both Disney-themed and nonDisney-themed.  Just another great example of thinking outside the box with paper - it's about the color schemes, not the themes. ;D

Happy Thursday,

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Tamika said...

The papers in the kit fit just perfect!