Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wheat-Colored Fields on Wednesday

Just about 10 minutes north of my house the suburbs fade away and you find you're (briefly) out in the open expanses of rolling hills with views of the mountains to the west and of the Denver skyline to the east.  Today that view caused me to breathe deep, relax and appreciate.

We got the rain called for, so the skies were still overcast with pale grey, fluffy clouds.  They covered the higher mountain peaks of the back ranges so all you could see were the dark steel blue of the first range of mountains and foothills.  From the higher hills you could see fog hugging the ground to the south, creeping into the valley between North and South Table Mountain and the clinging to the farmlands to the distant north.  The rain had saturated the colors so the rolling hills, instead of looking sad and dusty, were covered in rich wheat and camel colored grasses.  Colorado is an arid desert landscape - trees, before they were planted, generally hugged water sources.  Out here you get a brief idea of what it looked like not too long ago because there are few trees. . .very few. . .and the ones that are out here only added to the golden hills with their water-logged chocolate-brown trunks and gold leaves and maybe a few pops of summer green still left.  Sometimes, if you're looking and you're quick, you can see deer wandering around.  Outside of a drive in the mountains this time of year, this is one of my favorite quick-to-get-to spots.

So take this super relaxed, feelin'-good-attitude and mix it with the call for more rain and Kristin Perez's adorable layout using the September Smaller than a Breadbox kit (the My Mind's Eye Dilly Dally line) and life is good.  I love how she mixed flowers from the Simple Stories pack and pleated the ribbon to give it a softer feel that works perfectly for her daughter's layout.

Happy Wednesday,

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