Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Daily - Days 19 - 25

Just to show I took my photos - holiday chaos and all - though I didn't take any after Christmas Day.  I will take my year-end dinner tradition photos tonight.

Looks like the makings for some kind of house.

Let the baking commence.

Like little soldiers, little vanilla chocolate cherry stuffed soldiers, all in a row.

Girls Night Out @ The Nutcracker

Nine recipes.  Two days of baking.  Two hours to Cookie Exchange.  One bad elf.

Cookie Exchange 2013 - And I don't think all the recipes were here yet. . .sugar cookies are on the table

Beautiful pre-Christmas evening skies

Where are those stinkin' elves when you need them?

If there's glitter it must be Christmas Eve.

Tricks on Christmas???  Aww. . .come on!


Annual stop at the "Halloween House" aka synchronized home/Christmas music.

If you participated in December Daily, please post a link to your photos; I'd love to see them. If you're posting to Instagram, leave your ID.  I'm posting to Instagram (#decemberdaily2013) 

Ho. Ho. Ho.

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