Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Just That Time of the Year and Wrap It Up

No matter my intentions, this time of year just seems to upset the normal order of things; sometimes no matter how much I try to do or be otherwise.  It just happens.

Yesterday, was that kind of day.  Today, may be there as well...shoot the rest of this week.  Forget it . . . it's the rush into Christmas from now on.  

I did manage to get some items ordered - hubby now has presents.  The kids still need to have some shopping done - maybe Thursday, currently my only open afternoon --- no jinxies! --- I can head out and brave the crowds.  I'll need to formulate a plan though, or I'll just be driving all over with a 1,000 things in my head.  And who needs that?

I don't remember all I've done in the last few days.  However, I did take Saturday off and while I'd hoped to do what I wanted, I did some AS work done before I decided to play.  I did some more work on my Project Life TM - two more weeks completed, and one more I started cropping photos for.  I'm pretty sure that puts me almost to June.  I'll take photos, eventually, and share.

This week, like last, offers the incentive of a kit if you do your best to play along.  Only one thing - card, layout, pocket page is all you need to complete and share to be eligible for the drawing.

I love this pallet, found on the Apron Strings Color Theory board. 

And lookie here, that pallet is found in the October Afternoon line in the December Smaller than a Breadbox kit.

If you've got the December kit, use it.  If not, dig out some of the colors from the pallet.  Find wood embellishments, like the floor in the pallet photo.  Or maybe that Nordic pattern on the mittens will remind you that you have that print in a paper?  Or the fun stripes of the scarf.  Look for woven fabric to mimic the knitted items.  There's even a smidge of a basket showing that has that rough texture:  burlap?  distress an item or edge?

Whatever you choose to do, share it by Sunday evening to secure your eligibility.

Happy Wednesday.

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