Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throw Back Thursday Layout - StashBuster #9

I've told you that my iNSD (interNational Scrapbook Day) weekend was productive - I got a lot of pages done.  Lots of cards, too.  Because this week was about shipping out the May kits, I haven't been able to work on the remaining two challenges.  But kits are winging their way to members and most of my wrap-up for billing is complete.  So work space here I come!

This was for StashBusters Challenge #9 and was all about using up tags, cards, tickets and the like.  Had I gone through The Pile, I may have had a few extra.  As it is, I've discovered I have quite a collection in this category.  I felt pretty good about the number of items I used (13 pieces), some from recent kits that were still on my work table, like the ampersand card and the wooden butterfly and arrow.  Add to that I layered!  I always love the look of layering items, but it's something that I struggle with, however this came together so easily!

Now the kicker was I pulled out an older Apron Strings kit (like 2008) to use with all the cards, but outside of using the cardstock and the felt flower, I didn't use a lick of the rest of the kit on this layout; there was already plenty going on between the photos and cards.  I did manage to use the remainder of the kit later in the weekend, though.

This Project Life® page marks the last of the photos I had printed so far.  I'm working on setting up more sheets to print so I can wrap up 2013.  I should at least print 2014, but I feel too much pressure.  I'm good with the process I have in place.

I have to say the StashBusters class was awesome and I understand there's supposed to be another edition this summer.  Besides working with the challenge's suggested product, there was also a sketch.  I think they've all been single pages, maybe one two-pager, and most have only one or two photos.  I'm usually a one-page-one-photo kind of scrapper, but I love sketches, always have, so it's been fun to play with them to make them work with my Project Life® pages.

Speaking of sketches, Big Picture Classes is offering Sketch Solutions later this month; registration is open.  The teacher is Donna Jannuzzi; I have at least one of her eBooks, which I like, so I'm thinking I may take this class to continue to push me.  She's big on having a few sketches and altering them to work with what's in front of you.

Happy Thursday,

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