Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We Are

  • We are cloud watching
  • We are anticipating the first thunder storms of the season
  • We are envisioning medical expenses if he insists on using these things
  • We are kicking off Mother's Day weekend the right way
  • We are watching the weather alerts increase
  • We are shopping for a birthday party
  • We are eating way too many of these. . .seriously, too many!
  • We are loving the Spring sun
  • We are hoping we have tough strawberries
  • We are pretty sure the calendar says "May"
  • We are listening to why other kids think he's great. . .we already know
  • We are very impressed with the 15 y.o.'s ability to create this - from the electronic design to producing the final product on a 3-D printer.  Way to go!
Happy Wednesday.

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