Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Layout (Lesson 4) and Psuedo Cocktail

Before we left on vacation last week, I had another spurt of creative energy and completed quite a few layouts.  Now, unfortunately, between the garage sale where we managed to sell quite a bit of stuff (the remainder of which is in the garage and needs a drop off at the local ARC) and the returning home from said vacation, there are stacks of boxes, totes, bags and other paraphernalia blocking my way to my studio.  Seriously.  Blocking it.  It's like a giant fort down there.  And that's without picturing the spray of Legos, pillows, blankets and Wii gear strewn into the mix.  It was on my list to tackle yesterday, and I'll finish it up today. . .there are several trips into the crawl space to rearrange and then getting things put away.

But on that creative run, I completed several layouts for my Sketch Solutions class.  This is Lesson 4.  The left side is based on the sketch and because I had more photos, I expanded it to include the right side, which is kind of a mirror of the left.  The four grid photos on the right loosely mimic the four "grid blocks" on the left:  the large vertical photo, the grouping of embellishments, the title and journal cards and then the horizontal photo.

I used up the remainder of the October Afternoon Snapshots line from the April Smaller kit.

Our week-long jaunt into the Colorado mountains didn't include a menu plan. . .well nothing concrete.  It was more, "here take chicken, brats and ground beef and figure it out according to the daily fish-reeled-in count."   I did, however, see two things on Pinterest before leaving.  Actually I saw a couple things, even pinned them, but didn't think about them until I returned.  Ah, next time.

Anyway, one was simply a picture of a marshmallow with a mini Rollo shoved in the center and roasted.  Tried it.  Loved it.  Keys to success?  Really shove that Rollo in. . .almost to the point of poking out the other side.  Have the tip of the skewer going into the Rollo.  And have the Rollos at least at room temp. . .we had a melted-into-a-hockey-puck-disk incident on the drive up (which makes the whole shoving into a marshmallow more difficult) with out first bag of mini Rollos.  The next bag went into the fridge and were a little too cold to get melty in the short time it takes to roast a marshmallow.  Still, they were good.

The next thing I saw, and it stuck with me, was the Bailey's Dipped Roasted Marshmallows.  There's really no recipe - the photo tells it all.  They were awesome.  You know what put them over the top - I know, you're thinking, "how is that possible," but it is - taking the roasted Rollo stuff marshmallow and dipping it in Bailey's.  Oh sweet bonfire!  A hit with the bonfire group.  Totally doing this at home when the heat is about to make me live in the freezer (which it sounds like could be today.)

With hubby gone all week, we'll be finishing up what we couldn't finish up because he was gone all week.  Taking care of the boat.  Getting the remaining gear stowed (this is where I miss our camper - set it up for the season and left it until the end of the season.)  Getting the remaining garage sale non-sales to ARC.  Regaining control of the basement - in prep for the hot days I'll be spending down there.

Happy "Bailey's" Friday,

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