Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We Are

  • We are mobilizing
  • We are seeing more snow than last year, but less than we've seen in the past
  • We are Day One
  • We are catching the first fish - a Pike - and impressing our 5 y.o. brother
  • We are heading to the pond with "the brothers" to oversee their fishing.  Note:  eventually he'd take his turn at casting
  • We are told to keep our feet clean, so we settle in to watch "The Lego Movie"
  • We are stocking up on snacks for a day of fishing
  • We are fishing in our own way. . .with photography
  • We are finally getting to the good part. . .bonfire, roasted marshmallows and dipping said marshmallows into Bailey's; adults only naturally.  Thanks, Pinterest.
  • We are trying to entice "Nessie" (aka a really big Pike) into biting.  Nessie remained elusive.
  • We are kicking back on Colorado's version of a beach
  • We are serving up mud-pie
  • We are building . . . it's kind of our thing
  • We are digging. . .'cause that's what you do on a beach
  • We are signaling our fishermen
  • We are ultimately goofballs
  • We are adhering to the "you catch it, you clean it" rule
  • We are seeking refreshment in a Beach Bum after the arduous hike up the hill in Crested Butte
  • We are lunching in Crested Butte
  • We are loving when we find chairs our size
  • We are on vacation. . .it's here and so are we.
  • We are conquerors
  • We are interrupting some early morning Marmot road-side meeting
Happy Wednesday,

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