Thursday, February 18, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

What seems like an eternity today, was probably only a few weeks ago in reality, but I was fortunate enough to break out of my house and head with friends for a little paper play.

As I was leaving, I had not a clue what was in my tote; it was still packed from my last outing, which really was an eternity ago.  I did flip through my bag to be sure I actually had paired kits and photos, and I did, but that was as much prep as I did.  When I arrived at my table, it was a surprise what I'd be working on.

Turns out, I would be playing with Christmas goodies.  The kit was from December '14, both the Small and the Big.  The pictures, however, were from 2005.  When they were all little.  When they were all home.  *Sniff*

This was Basic Grey's Evergreen - I loved their papers.  As much as I loved them, they can sometimes be busy, especially when paired with busy Christmas photos.  So cutting them into blocks or strips works great.  I went for a nice grid to fit all the photos.  I filled empty spaces with journaling cards and blocks.  I added a few stickers from the kit, a tag, some bling and a button.  Boom.  Simple.  Effective.  Done.

I have enough product left from this kit, which I believe was part of the Bigger, to do more pages, so it'll all just stay together until that day arrives.

Happy Thursday,

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