Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We Are

January and February are hard for me.  Besides the after-holiday recovery and regular life stuff, I have tax season, which is now compounded by the need to file the we-have-a-college-student paperwork - which seems endless and way too early considering the next year is some eight months away.  As a result, the blog and Facebook suffer in staying updated.  My goal for having things completed, has unfortunately, come and gone, and I still continue to plug along.  Boo.

However, I'll take a moment to post here about what we've been up to - well, the kids more than me.  And probably more what Girlie has been up to, than the rest of us.

  • We are always wondering about these sorts of posts on Girlies' feed.
  • We are celebrating a new driver and higher insurance rates.
  • We are contemplating our first confession.
  • We are She is beginning training for the next Half.
  • We are competing in our first Pinewood Derby.  Scored the Turtle Award.
  • We are losing teeth.  The night of a snow storm.  Tooth Fairy was late.
  • We are 14" and counting
  • We are getting a Snow Day, which to him, means be out in the snow.  He could be out there for hours.
  • We are staying warm and enjoying the Snow Day by unpacking a recent purchase that adds a little Spring - to the house at least.
  • We are She is binge-ing during their Snow Day.
  • We are wondering when the studying happens.
  • We are thankful for that Wee One.
  • We are She is celebrating with roommates
  • We aren't sure.
  • We are rigging the "9" in 19, thanks to the wannabe Engineer
  • We are She is 19
  • We are taking care to not blow out the "customized" 9
  • We are waiting to see how long it takes to go out on its own.  For the record, it lasted a good five minutes, burning even when the wax collapsed.
  • We are enablers
  • We are always ready for Cookie Season
  • We are in Broncos Territory, so I think all channels lead to the SuperBowl
  • We are, again, wondering what it all means.
  • We are They are Champions
  • We are pretty sure that is our 19 y.o.  We are sure it is Monday.  And we are positive that is not Greeley!
Happy Wednesday,

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