Friday, February 9, 2018

Food for Thought

I think I'm closing in on my backlog of menu/recipe posts.  When I looked to edit this one I think I only saw one!

This was an "I don't want to cook" week, so it's a good thing I had a plan, because on weeks like that ,without a plan, it's not pretty.  We're talking cereal for dinner kinda of thing.

You won't have to do that though, with any of the following recipes.

So this One Pan Creamy Tortellini and Smoked Sausage meal was made on a "I don't wanna cook and I have no plan" night.  It was all stuff I had on hand and it was good!  Creamy.  Cheesy.  Goodness.

Uh, I can date this Cranberry Pumpkin Muffins recipe, because it's pumpkin and fresh cranberries.  I made this during the holidays.  They were moist and light and I loved the pop of fresh cranberry.  Perfect no matter what time of year.

So we whipped this Breakfast Casserole up on Christmas Eve, in the midst of cleaning up from hosting Christmas Eve dinner, while we were, last minute, deciding to go to Midnight Mass.  Luckily I had the troops in order and one of the kids, or two of them, pulled this together so we would eat well Christmas morning.  And it was a hit!  It will definitely be on a brunch menu sometime soon.

There was no occasion for this Roast Beef Rub Recipe with Eye of Round Roast other than hubby wanted to use the smoker.  We adjusted the recipe to allow for the smoker, but I know the outcome would be just as wonderful in the oven - I've made other beef roasts using this method and it works perfect every time!  The meat was butter-tender and the seasoning was amazing.

My family is not a fan of soft corn tortillas, they always have issue with them splitting (I don't have that issue, LOL.)  I'm trying to get more whole grains, so I'm trying to cut down on using flour tortillas, so when I made this Quinoa Black Bean and Corn Tacos I used crispy shells instead.  This was a great meatless filling that was, well, filling.  I didn't serve it with cheese or sour cream, but you totally could, but definitely go with the avocados.  This would also be good on nachos or as the topping in a bowl.

I mixed up this super simple Spanish Rice with Salsa as a side to the tacos above.  I only used one cup of salsa, and it was just fine.  I liked how easy it was and how great it tasted.

I was wanting to use up some of the leftover cream cheese I had from the holidays and so I mixed up this Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread and picked up some Pretzel rolls.  Delish.  Plus, the cost of making it versus buying it - no question about it. . .MAKE IT.

I think I made these Garlic-Herb Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Parmesan to go with the beef roast above.  And even though I totally forgot to sprinkle it with Parmesan, they were delicious.  Sweet potatoes are fast becoming something I have on hand all the time.

Lots of big meals, means there are days where I just want simple.  So it's usually a sandwich of some kind like these Bacon and Swiss Chicken Sandwiches.  Instead of grilling up chicken breasts, I had chopped rotisserie chicken left over, so I just mixed up the ingredients into chicken salad.  The chicken, mayo, mustard, honey and seasoning went with the chicken and then topped it with the cheese, bacon and lettuce.

This is another Christmas-ish recipe.  I used our leftover ham and the sweet potatoes we had on hand to make this Sweet Potato Ham and Corn Chowder.  Holy moly it was good.  Rich and creamy and chock full of all kinds of goodness.  No leftover ham, just pick up a ham steak, or in a pinch, use sliced up deli ham.

The totally lazy cook in me, combined with the mom who needs to get food on the table often goes for sheet pan nachos.  You can load up whatever you have on hand, get it all melty and serve it right on the tray in the middle of the table.  That lazy mom cook did just that with these Spicy Baked Black Bean Nachos.  Another awesome meatless meal with the family gathered around trying to get the cheesiest chip.  The only thing I didn't do was layer the chips - I have huge sheet pans, so I could just spread them out.

I believe I'm heading out to get an InstantPot.  They are on sale and I have a coupon.  We'll see if I actually cave to the craze and get one.

Happy Friday,


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