Wednesday, February 28, 2018

We Are

It was a super quiet week. . .at least in terms of photos, well activities, too.  Had an "Outlander Couch" session at my sister's.  Outlander is a Starz show, based on the books by Diana Gabaldon and it is amazing; the books and the show.  Anyway, we gather every-now-and-then for binge sessions, oogling and food.  

We also hit the Home and Garden show looking for some project information.  When your home is 20 years old, you know stuff's about to go down - furnace and air conditioning aren't getting younger, floors need refinishing, cabinets need upgrading, replacing the slider.  You know, big ticket crap that has a habit of happening at the same time.  Like we just replaced all our appliances.  Water heater was a couple years ago.  Painted the exterior last year.  Something's coming and we want to be ready.

  • I took time for some scrapbooking - the first in a long time.  Did a layout, a card and set up another layout.
  • My sister and her husband have a new puppy - which added some spice to our Outlander Couch day.  Don't let this angelic photo fool you, she's full of . . . it all . . . energy, the dickens, puppy teeth and nails (both sharp), and bounces.  She can launch herself from 10 feet away.
  • FINALLY!  Snow.
  • Working on another towel
  • Catching up on a year-long display project.  *All crafting will have posts to come. :)
See, light week on activities, but pretty heavy in the crafting area.

Happy Wednesday,


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