Friday, June 10, 2011

Up in the Mountains

I'm taking a quick break while the dog, the toddler and the teenager snore away - everyone else is on the boat, hopefully catching dinner.  If not chicken is marinating. 

 Gorgeous weather has me cropping away...I don't hike.  If you read this blog at all this should be no surprise.

As I head into my next layout I thought you needed a 5 on Friday.

•1 Sheet cardstock
•1 Sheet patterned paper
•1 Set brads
•1 Set chipboard
•1 Length ribbon

Remember outside the listed ingredients nothing outside of journaling and title are allowed.

I'll try to get a link for this post you can upload to later; the downside to typing on ones phone.

From somewhere above 9,000 feet I wish you a great weekend.

1 comment:

jengd said...

Well, I kinda blew the 5 but I stayed as true to the challenge as possible.