Thursday, January 26, 2017

Valentine's Day Prep

Are you ready?  

Me. . .half way.  I picked up Valentine's Day cards for the 8 y.o to hand out.  This will be his last year for classroom parties.  Next year they start heading out for field-trip-style parties, and I don't remember if they still give cards to classmates.  But, for this year, there's a box of Rouge One themed cards waiting for him to assemble.

In the past we have given tiny treats to the kids on Valentine's Days:  books, socks, t-shirts, etc.  I expect I'll do something similar this year, but cards, are always integral to the Day of Love.

Whether you simply give cards, or cards and gifts, to family, friends, or make up treats for teachers, homemade cards are always special addition.  If you get the Card Kit, it's even easier.  You get all the goodies you see above, plus instructions for creating cards.

These are just two of the six card and one goodie bag that Wendi Robinson created using the kit.  If you haven't ever tried a kit, this might be the month to do so.  Share some love and add a homemade touch.

Go.  Create.

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