Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We Are

I'm back.  My house is still standing.  I counted heads, they are all here.  Nobody seems to be sporting a black eye or broken bone.  No sign of a party - that or they are exceptionally good cleaners, which, if so, why aren't they able to do that all the time?  My 8 y.o., who stayed with my parents, contemplated staying there.  He was bummed to hear we were on our way home.  Apparently life was better over there.

We enjoyed our trip, despite the ice storm that hit the Midwest and had us rethink our stay and way back home.  We are not travelers who need to "sight-see."  We enjoy the travel there - hubby likes to drive and I like to do nothing - and we'll poke around, but down time is what vacations are for us; no places to be, no plans to be made, no timetables to hold to.  We have family members who don't understand this, LOL.

  • We leave and she finds her person to spend the next four days with.
  • Girlie discovered Bob Ross.  We've had fun watching some of his shows on Netflix.  (She's been watching them all.)
  • Heading East.  Little did we know this would be the last sun (and dry roads) we'd see for the next four days.
  • We ♥ Schlotzky's (the ones near us are gone) and, sadly, couldn't wait to have lunch when we passed the sign on the highway.  Had we been able to return home the same way, we'd have planned some meal around it again.
  • It had just been in the 50's before our arrival - and would be again, the day after we left
  • Here in Colorado below freezing temps and precipitation means snow - not rain  #goesagainstscience
  • 3/8" covered the car one morning.  #stilldon'tgetit
  • Still hanging with her person
  • Eight games, four days
  • Pioneer Woman's  The Mercantile store, deli, restaurant and bakery.  It was a lot to take in.  It was even harder deciding what to bring home, but I managed
  • I've never done the Fan Girl thing.  I have to say it was odd feeling.  I've read her blog since long before she was on Food Network, read her books, cooked from her cookbooks, admired her photography and loved her stories.  To be in the store I'd read so much about was weird.  We returned later to eat dinner and that was odder still - the menu items were recipes I had in my cookbooks (contemplated cooking myself) or that I'd see her make on her TV show.  The food was delish. . .but it was surreal.  While she didn't come into the store the afternoon we were there, her husband did, and that was bizarre and funny - nope, didn't attempt to get a picture with him, though others did.
  • Doing my favorite thing - absolutely nothing!
  • We rediscovered some of the 80's country we used to listen to.  Seemed like the right background music to our travels through Oklahoma and Texas.
  • Ice Storms. . .pretty to look at, not so fun to drive in
  • Meanwhile, back at home . . .
  • Picked up the first goal in the game
  • When your personal cheering section picks up a few more members
  • Was named Player of the Week by Arvada Hockey, but also picked up a Player of the Game for his goal, scrappy play and hustle during the second set of games during the tournament
  • More good play.  His team ended the tourney with a 6-1-1 record
  • This was as close as we were going to get to Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo.
  • When the roads looked good
  • Is it any wonder he didn't want to come home - full belly, heated blanked and screen time
Happy Wednesday,

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