Wednesday, July 5, 2017

We Are

It's time to get back at it.  It's been too long.  In the interim, we've graduated another child.  We've made a few day trips up into the mountains.  We planted some garden goodies.  We had a garage sale where I finally let go all the baby clothes the kids ever had - newborn to around 24 months.  It wasn't as hard as I thought, though it's been 20 years since some of it was last worn, 8 at the least.  

The "what to do about PhotoBucket" and their recent policy change which has wiped any links from them to this blog, remains a "what to do."  They are my repository for a ton of images.  I also continue to upload product to the re-worked website.  It is taking far longer than I expected because, while I have my images, it's tracking them down that's the trick.  I may remember the line and maker of papers, but remember the year and month they were in a kit is just asking to my of my brain, LOL.

The three older kids are working - my daughter is at an assisted living facility as a caregiver.  She has her good days and her bad days, but she's enjoying her residents and, frankly, I think she has a gift for it. 

Son #1 is working at a sock shop down in Olde Town.  Yep, socks.  All those crazy graphic socks so in vogue at the moment - he has a drawer full, and has since long before the job.  It's his thing.

Son #2 is still working at the concession stand of the local rec center, picking up more hours.

Son #3 is working on his math facts skills and reading.  He seems to be enjoying his job the least, as in hates it.

  • "Janitors have lots of keys, like me"
  • SOC Contingent to Steubenville of the Rockies 2017
  • Red Rocks to see The Fray with a friend for the friend's birthday
  • When you're at the Junior High Lock-In Over-Nighter, things get a little punchy around hour six
  • First voyage out for the summer - unfortunately this is the only photo from the trip and there were nine people there!
  • Getting out of bed on the weekends be like. . .
  • I went looking for some 4th of July items and rounded a corner to find this.  This plus fall items.  They only get a "pass" because it's a craft store, otherwise I'd have dropped my 4th items and run screaming from the store.
  • On your feet most of the day, and it's hot, nighttime cool downs are a must.
  • 4th of July dip in the pool - it was all boys in there.  Whoever said girls were loud, clearly didn't have a group of boys to compare it to.
  • Scenes from the 4th.  Even though my crew split up after dinner, we somehow managed to all be at the same fireworks show.
Happy Wednesday,

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