Wednesday, October 4, 2017

We Are

So the weather liars here said something about 80's this week.  I should, and do, know better than to believe a 7-day forecast.  Shoot, you can barely count on a 12-hour forecast.  80's?  LOL, try barely 70.  Not that this upsets me, I live for the cooler weather. . .I was dreading the 80's plan.

  • Sometimes I think she spends more time avoiding homework
  • Not so much and unplanned test, as someone pulled the alarm. . ."accidentally."  The puller will get two unplanned "days off."
  • Two takes on #nationalcoffeeday 
  • It may be the only way I'm catching Colorado's Gold this year. . .via my girlie
  • It may also be the only way I'll get to see moose. . .she saw four, including a mama and her baby
  • Enjoying a retreat
  • Frosted Evergreens (she said she saw this photo of hers, on someone else's feed from the retreat.  Would be more flattering if they had given her the credit after stealing the photo.)  #alwaysgivecredit
  • Fall and Winter often visit together here in Colorado
  • She's sure her toys are in the laundry, even though we've told her they're not
  • Batman?
  • Well, not so much designated driver in the "mom's planning on a drink" so much as "this car is a manual, and mom hasn't yet driven it and it's the only car we have to get to a BBQ" (side note: I know how to drive a stick.)
  • After directing him back to the fire, twice, for running with a burning stick, it was adding a marshmallow that kept him there.
  • This is what our mail looks like now - college, college, college - come see us, here's your bill, loan balance update, you've been accepted, apply to us. . .

Happy Wednesday,

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