Thursday, June 25, 2009

Humidity and July Kits

It's raining . . . again. Or still. I'm not sure, I've lost track. Don't get me wrong, I'll take the rain over the 90 degree weather, but the humidity is getting on my nerves. For those of you not familiar with Colorado's climate we are dry -- very dry; semi-arid, high plains desert dry. Our humidity levels are typically below 30%, but lately they've been in the 70's, before the rain comes in. But here, the rain will typically bring relief from the humidity, not add to it. Now stop. Just stop. I hear you all in the humid zones. You're thinking, 70%? What are you crazy? We'd kill for 70%. Yes, I know. I have relatives in Michigan (that we visited on Summer Breaks), in Seattle, Kansas City and in Southern California. I've lived in Houston (not long, but long enough to remember the humidity.) I've been to Disney World and Disney Land, driven through the heartland, camped in a pop-up camper (no fan, no a/c) in Seattle and along Lake Michigan -- I know humidity and I hate it. BUT, for us, here, west of Denver, 70% in crazy high and uncomfortable -- and that's before the storms blow in and crank that level up. It's been this way for a couple weeks now and that is extremely unusual. And frankly, I'm done. This would typically be the type of weather that would drive me to my scrap area -- get cozy down at my desk and crop while listening to the rain pour down and the thunder boom away. A couple days ago I was shooting pictures of the kits for reveals of them here (stay tuned) and I could see the storms blowing in and my fingers actually started to itch; they wanted to dig in and play. I was touching all this great stuff in the July kits and there was rain coming -- it was like the Perfect Storm. Even my nine month old was still sleeping away. Could it get more perfect? Nope. But what did I do -- nothing. Not one thing. The fingers were willing but the mind was not. I hate that! However, as I go post peeks of the July kits here, I'm hoping the mind will engage and I'll be able to create something. . .anything for heaven's sake! Sheesh. The July kits are super fantastic, so I know you'll have a hard time waiting for them, but they will be worth the wait. You'll have to let me know what your plans are for them as you see them in the coming days. Maybe one of your ideas will take root and begin to grow -- heaven knows I've got plenty of rain! Photobucket

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Emilyt said...

Yep. In Michigan. It's hot & humid. That's all I'm gonna say. Except Hello Summer. ;)