Sunday, July 12, 2009

Front Porch Thoughts

It's 10 pm. The sky is clear - the almost full moon has either already been up and back down or it hasn't risen yet, so you can see a fair amount of stars for "city folk." The baby is down, and has been for an hour and a half. The three older kids are up watching "The Parent Trap" but really should be getting ready for bed. But it's Sunday and it's summer, so I let them be. I'm sitting on my front porch, relaxing in an Adirondack chair that my husband built listening to the bugs chirp and the splashing of water from our fountain. And FINALLY, finally, enjoying some dry, cool Colorado summer air. If it weren't for the faint noise of cars in the distance, well and the lights on in the house across the street, I could envision myself out in the country, with a babbling brook and the peaceful stillness around me right now. This is one of those perfect moments for me. It's moments like these that I see captured and using with the October Afternoon Cherry Hill line -- they have that vintage feel that is so hot right now. These peaceful, simple moments. Pictures of my son fishing with his father. My daughter baking her favorite brownies. My middle son showing his baby brother picture books out on the front yard. Family and friends gathering for a "just because" night of food and fun. Cherry Hill evokes those down-home, back-to-basics, simplified life kind of photos. These double-sided papers are just delicious and I see so many options on what to do with them I can't decide which way to go.

Added to the papers are a bunch of lovely accents: puffy ones, sticker ones, floral ones, felt ones, title ones, journaling ones and buttons ones (both regular and chipboard with vintage prints). Makes my fingers itch to play with it all.

Look for your own simple-moment photos to pair up with your set of October Afternoon papers.


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