Thursday, July 30, 2009

Party On!

I was at Target yesterday, sort of killing time and looking for new sleepwear at the same time. Since I'm not big into treating myself (insert the obvious discussion of moms taking time for themselves) this shopping for something as simple as pajamas is a fairly big deal. Anyway, I was wandering around and came across the seasonal section which just a couple weeks ago was jammed with summer stuff; patio sets, patio lights, outdoor pottery, picnic sets and more. Now all that summer stuff is, well, stuffed into one aisle and marked for sale and the seasonal section is now brimming with school supplies, still in pristine condition with nothing pawed through and plenty of options to choose from. School supplies! Really? Already? No. Say it ain't so. I'm just getting into full sloth-mode. Sigh. Sooner, rather than later, I'll need to compile the kids' lists and make my way over there to begin the back-to-school process and I'll be just a small part of that mass migration. Like most summers, I get to the mid-way point and find there are things I had planned to do that I realize I haven't gotten around to -- and, if I'm honest, probably won't. Now that I'm on the downward side, I'm looking at shopping for clothes and even though my kids wear uniforms, they still need to be bought. At least there's no arguing about styles. We'll head out for supplies and new backpacks. And the end of our summer brings the majority of sports camps; soccer, basketball and volleyball. I guess it's the universe's way of easing me into the coming school year. But. . .it IS still summer. I still have pictures to scrapbook and kits that are calling my name. So I believe it's time to do just that. That difficult thing -- make time for me. Clear off a spot on my cluttered desk, haul out a kit and photos and Just Do It! However, I'm probably like a lot of scrapbookers and I need that little nudge, that challenge to get me moving. And if I can get my fellow scrapbooking neighbors, cyber neighbors, to join me we can keep each other motivated. I thinks it's time for a "Blog" Party. Like any rockin' Block Party, everyone chips in something. So that's what's needed now -- your best pot luck dish, also known as ideas for challenges to post to keep others moving along. Things maybe you struggle with using when you scrapbook, or colors you shy away from, or even your favorite items, sketches or places of inspiration. Simply post in the comment section your idea for a challenge, or even the full challenge and I'll turn it into a post with a complete-by date. As any good hostess, I'll provide extra goodies -- both to those who come up with a challenge that I select and post and those who participate (I'll draw from participants for a winner.)

So come on, let's party like it's the end of the summer. Bring your best dishes (ideas) and we'll get this party started. Photobucket

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just jennifer said...

sounds like fun! I'll put my thinking cap on and get back to you!