Friday, March 26, 2010

Sneak Peeks and 5 on Friday

Holy cow, I'm missing a whole day because of the snow day. The snow is just about gone, but more is on the way, so I'm watching the gray skies get more gray and the temperatures are dropping. Spring is such a fun, exciting thing in Colorado, or as Forest would say, "you never know whatcha gonna git." Like I said, fun. I do know you can grab a peek of April's kits, right here, right now. Lots of fun things going on in them next month.

So, I'm cropping tomorrow, which I hope isn't like shopping. You know when you have the time, you've made the plans and you're actually looking forward to going only to find nothing in your size, shape or color. Let's hope it's a productive evening. If you're looking at some cropping this weekend, and are looking to get in the running for a Cookie Jar Treat, you'll need today's 5 on Friday to complete the week's challenges. So, here you go:
  • 1 sheet cardstock
  • 1 sheet patterned paper with floral pattern or pink
  • 1 set of photographs with boys in them
  • 1 tag of some kind, any size
  • 1 set of at least 6 brads

Let's show people flowers and pink aren't for girls alone! :) Remember, all challenges are due by Saturday night.

Soccer club is on break this weekend due to public schools being on Spring Break, so no having to stand in the snow for a game (or get yet another "game cancelled" notice that will inevitably make for a crazed make-up schedule), though we do have an early Volleyball game tomorrow morning.

Whatever your weekend plans, I hope you enjoy them.



Molly said...

Great challenge!!! Here is my page:

Molly said...

Ooops-I posted the Wednesday LO again. Let's try this again:

Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

And I finished them all! And there was much rejoicing. yeah! Yep I am a fan too!

Rebecca K. said...

heres' mine!