Thursday, March 31, 2011

Birthday Party Day #22

Windy (very windy), cold, blue skies and soccer.  That's on the schedule for today.  The donuts I made yesterday are gone, unless you count the licked-off-icing one sitting next to me, thanks to the 2 y.o.  He's also the one who drank my coffee.  Chores are done, except for dusting, but I'll get that when I need to get up and move.  My "freak out" deadline is here . . . and I'm not done, so this is short and sweet.

After a birthday party the final piece is the "Thank Yous," either verbally, electronically or handwritten.  Today scrapbook something you're thankful for; NOTE:  the theme doesn't need to center around gratitude, but if you're thank for the cup of coffee your toddler didn't drink, make your layout about the coffee.  If you're thankful for the signs of spring in your yard, scrapbook the signs.  If you're thankful for the goofy 10 y.o. building forts for the 2 y.o., scrapbook that.

I'm off to deal with the adrenaline rush, and extreme stress that is a looming deadline!

Happy Thursday.

Don't forget the Birthday Sale - THE BIG ONE  is still going on.  One more day!  Don't miss the great bargains to be found!


Deanna said...

Added my link, "Take Note!" and the details are on my blog. Thanks for all the comments, everyone! I appreciate those!

Patchi said...

One more to go!