Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Own It - 2011

A little late in review this month, what with all the Birthday Party stuff going on. 

Two months into 2011 and it's time to see how February went for me and my 2011 goals.  My feelings are leaning to the not-so-hot side.  February just seemed like it was all over the board; short month, I was sick, basketball was wrapping up, kids are nipping at each other all (ALL) the time.  It just seemed a tough month.  Let's break it down:
  • Eating/Menu planning - still haven't sat down to coordinate the nightly schedules with a food plan, but I am cooking at home.  My current fave cookbook is Freezer Pleasers.  I've made several dishes out of there in February - none made it to the freezer, but they were all delish.  (Cooking to freeze would be a whole-other goal.)  As for my personal eating. . .well the Cherry Hearts are gone, so that's a plus and I'm getting back on more solid footing with my personal diet.
  • WalkingAh-huh.  Still a goal.  February was another zero in terms of me walking.  March however has started out much better.  Matty and I got out on the 1st taking the long way to the park.  The long way is around the block because the park is less than 100 yards down the street.  I'd probably feel better if I wasn't totally winded from that walk.  I comfort myself with the fact I'm pushing a big butt stroller.  I also walked on the 2nd and 3rd - longer route to the park.  The the weekend tourney came and cold weather set in.  Let's see if the warm up gets me back out.
  • Organizing.  Sort of half and half here.  The main level and some of the upper level I'm feelin' good about.  I'm kind of in that maintaining stage, which is good.  I, of course, am not including my older children's bedrooms - I'm thinking of just torching them.  The basement, took a major slide backwards - what the heck, we weren't even home!  But I spent a day at the beginning of the March to get it back to where it was - maybe a smidge better.
  • Me Time. I made it to another crop.  Created 16 layouts, so there must have been some me time in there somewhere.  I read some books, or rather a chapter or two in a couple books.  I flipped through a couple magazines, which is barely a dent in what I have, but they were for pure pleasure.  Looked at my sewing stuff, but looking doesn't count so much.
  • Studio SpaceWell, that took a major slide too.  I had to find photos of my daughter for an 8th grade poster, which meant I hauled out a lot of stuff looking to show her life in 20 photos or less.  Naturally, that all landed in my studio.  So didn't clean out any more and there's just piles of stuff laying about.  But when I re-cleaned the lower level the other day, I did my studio space and it's at least back where I last left it.
It certainly wasn't a pretty month - hopefully March will look better.  Mentally, I need to have some more progress.

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Unknown said...

Don't be too hard on yourself Lori, it sounds like you're doing really well!

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