Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Finished

Well, finished on a high note anyway.  The LOAD Challenges that is.  The last challenge was posted yesterday and I WAS going to do the LAST one.  I still have those two weeks I'm determined to do, but I cranked out the last challenge last night.  I know you're on pins and needles to see it. . .

The only bad thing for me is my cropping time generally comes well after the sun has set (layouts are due the same day they're posted by midnight) and so my photos of my layouts are less than I'd like - colors are off, they're dark and trying to correct that just makes them grainy.  But the thing that matters most is this class helped me complete 16 layouts in February.  I loved it so much I've already signed up for the next round in May - I think.  LOL