Friday, August 24, 2012

Fridays and Life

We all have had to deal with life when it throws you a curve ball.  I'm coming out of my own outfield, where a curve ball was smacked right at me.  So my apologies for the lack of posts these past couple of weeks, while I try to hold on, maintain and move forward.  A couple weeks, less than restful nights, tears, fears and prayers (and the loss of several pounds - anxiety has a way of doing that), and I'm back.  Checked out to checked in.

Temps have cooled to bearable.  Some of the trees in the neighborhood are actually starting to turn - the Maples are starting to glow red, and our Autumn Purple has some gold in it.  The skies are a little clearer the last couple of days - bright blue with white clouds instead of the brown haze that covered everything as a result of the almost 100 fires burning in states to our west.  I'm harvesting tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and zucchini like crazy and they're still coming!  Recipes anyone?  LOL  I've shredded and frozen eight plus cups of zucchini.  I've frozen almost four pounds of strawberries from our first year bushes.  I've have more cucumber salads recipes than I care to admit.  I continue to look for the perfect tomato sauce that I can put up; I think I'm circling in on one.  Kids are all back in school, new schedules abound and soccer is in full force.  Breathe.

Some things don't change, thankfully, and that is the inspiration created and provided by the Sous Chefs.  Like this one using the Smaller than a Breadbox August kit, the October Afternoon Cake Walk line (for a Rockies game!).

Then we have Kristin Perez, using the August Bigger than a Breadbox kit, the Echo Park Paradise Beach line.
Next up, is Maria Swiatkowski with her layout using the October Afternoon 9 to 5 line, yep an office themed line for a swimming layout.  You can find 9 to 5 in the August Smaller kit.

I love that Nancy Longo scraps her fuzzy kids and she got a great country look for this squeezable little guy using the reverse sides of October Afternoon's Cake Walk line, found in the Smaller than a Breadbox kit.

Lastly, but not least, is a card created by Tomi Ann Hill using the August All Year Cheer Card Kit, in which you get full-color instructions for this card and five others; though I've been told there's plenty of leftovers to do more!

Go out and not only enjoy your Friday, but your entire weekend!  Scrap a little. ;D
Happy Friday.


jengd said...

Hope you're dealing with something that gets less stressful soon. Great kit projects!

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles Lori. Hope they ease up soon. Your design team is doing some great work in the meantime.
Take care!