Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #24

Something's up with Blogger, so this is going to be fast and sweet.  Plus, like our local forecast - it's all the same.  I'm hot.  It's hot.  Soccer. . .soccer. . .soccer.  Also forgive any formatting or editing issues.  I'll see what I can do to clean it up when Blogger isn't having whatever issues it's having.

This Pin-spiration comes from Apron Strings' Scrappin' Ideas board.  The concept of this little guy is such a "Duh - head-slappin'" moment it's not funny.  I can totally see him as an embellie on a snow page about my kids.  I love the color scheme, which to me reads winter.  Cold.  Fun.  I might be tempted to apply the snowman's simple assembly of three circles and see what other ideas I can come up with.  Flowers?  Yes.  Soccer ball?  Yes - makes it look like it's flying off the page.  Pinked edges?  Sure.  Scalloped edges? Totally.  I love the mix of fonts in the sentiment too - I never think to do that.  Duh!  I also love the look of a stamped background, but never do it. . .not even for cardmaking.

Dangit!  I spaced looking at the name of the Pink Paislee stuff.  Shoot!  Layouts are due Sunday evening, 11:59 MDT to be exact, for your shot at the goods.

Happy Thursday.

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Deanna said...

Really cute Pinterest image!

Added my link and used one of my favorite LYB lines.