Tuesday, August 21, 2012

School. . .for Half

After a weekend filled with soccer, seriously, one tournament in Colorado Spring at the Air Force Academy and one in Fort Collins.  For those of you playing without benefit of a map, those two venues are about 150 miles apart and we are roughly in the middle.  With DH out of town helping his older brother it was me, the players, the siblings and a very willing Aunt (whom I will be ever grateful to.)  I took two kids and headed south to the Springs and an overnight in a hotel; with a three year old who opened and closed the microwave and refridgerator doors no less than four dozen times, only to move on to bounce on the beds and check out other drawers.  The willing Aunt took two more kids and headed north.  She lives 45 minutes closer to the fields up there (still about an hour drive for her) and she hosted the oldest two kids for the weekend as well.  Love you 'Tine!  Thanks much.

Both boys had some positive outcomes, though not wins, during the tournaments.  We, the south-bound set, also met up with another Aunt and her family whose daughter was playing in the same AFA tournament.  So that was fun.

Tourney weekend over and we move right into the first day of school for two of my boys.  My daughter starts tomorrow, along with my youngest.  You know ,last year I only got a first day of school shot with the boys.  I will have to be determined to get one of all of them tomorrow.  It was the first time since they started school that I missed a shot. :(

Jennifer Halleck didn't miss any shots on her layout here, using the Smaller than a Breadbox August kit - the Jillibean Coconut Lime Soup line.

Happy Monday,

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