Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shhh. . .a Head's Up for You

Now, if you follow me on Twitter, you'll already have a little jump start on this news, but no worries, you still have more than a 12 hour jump on everyone else.  And that means there's plenty for you to choose from.
I've been doing some cleaning - unfortunately not my home, but that wouldn't benefit you.  Nope, I've been deep cleaning the Apron Strings store room.  It's scary funny, the things you'll find during a good cleaning. 
Like the tons  . . . seriously, TONS!. . .of TV Dinners!  I've priced them at $3.50 (Dinners from the Smaller kits) and $7.50 (Dinners from the Bigger kits) and that's like more than 50% off!  
Collect them from kits you missed.  Collect them from kits you want to try.  Scoop up several and make your own kits.  Or be honest with yourself and just collect them because you want to!
Now, take that giddy a-sales-a-startin' feeling and shop away!  

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