Friday, March 22, 2013

10 Reason to Join Apron Strings TODAY

You may already know Apron Strings is a kit club - an awesome one at that. You may already know that Apron Strings fills each new monthly kit with the latest, yummiest goodies around. You may already know that kits make creating pages and cards (and other paper projects) SOOOO much easier - which begs the question: If you know these things why aren't you a member?

Here are 10 more reasons to join Apron Strings autoship:
  1. It's free - membership costs you nothing more than the price of the kit each month - which is a $3 savings over the regular cost of the kits.
  2. There's no time commitment to meet. There's no 3, 6 or 12 month time commitment. No cancellation fees. Never has been in the eight years Apron Strings has been around. Never will be.
  3. No limits on skipping a monthly kit. No limits, no penalties. You can skip as often as you need.
  4. Substitutions. Before you click that "Skip" button, check out this: you can substitute one pack out of your upcoming kit, that you can't use, for a pack from an available, same-sized, past kit that you can use. Limited to one pack per kit and substitutions can only be made from past kits that are the same as your autoship: i.e. Bigger than a Breadbox packs for past Bigger than a Breadbox packs.
  5. Flipping. Maybe you're just more interested in the Smaller kit this month, than the Bigger kit to which your are subscribed. As long as there's a kit available, you can flip your subscription for that given month.
  6. No added shipping when an add-on order ships with your monthly kit. (psst. . .we have great sales for stocking up, this feature comes in handy. Wink)
  7. Awesome Designers, as you've seen here, who produce wonderful examples with each kit. Everything from traditional layouts, to pocket-page layouts (i.e. Project Life albums) to mini books and cards. Apron Strings designers put the kits to work and leave you with very little, if any, leftovers.
  8. Support. You're not going to be left with your papers hanging out. We want you to use your kits, so we do all we can to get you ideas, inspiration and motivation to use them anyway we can. For starters there's an exclusive sketch, every month in the Bigger and Smaller kits, from Becky Fleck over at PageMaps. Card Kits have full-color instructions. PLUS: the blog - duh, since you're reading this here.  Facebook has more examples. And on Pinterest, well, another, duh, I mention it here all the time with more examples and boards with ideas for scraps and what to cook your family while you're cropping away.
  9. Kits will save you money. No more heading to the store and coming back with more than you planned. (Hello, the I'm heading to get milk and $50 later you come home syndrome?) A simple $19 (or $28.50 for the Bigger kit) monthly budget will get you the newest product in amounts you can use without busting the bank.
  10. Frankly, it's just fun mail. How often can you say that when you open your mailbox or front door? It's fun to anticipate the upcoming kit. It's fun to plan what you'll work on. It's fun to have something to crack into that's yours. . .all yours!
So, what are you waiting for? An invitation? Consider yourself invited to join Apron Strings and reap the benefits of autoship . . . not the least of which is completed pages, cards and projects!

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