Saturday, March 9, 2013

Scrappy Baked Treats and March Madness - Day 5

I know, it's Saturday, but I'm home-bound with another foot of snow predicted for today and to add to that madness March Madness, I've been baking up a storm (all recipes from the Apron Strings I Can Cook That board.  Must be the weather . . . or maybe it's being stuck on what to tackle next in the organizing department.  More than likely, though, it's just straight up procrastination in doing what really needs to be done.

We started with homemade Poptarts - I've made these before - super easy and a big hit.  Today, my part consisted of pulling out the dough (someday I'll attempt homemade pie pastry) and recommending the Blackberry jam and Nutella fillings.  My daughter crafted them and they are already half gone.  I guess shoveling works up the appetite.

Up next Lofthouse-style cookies.  We just plowed through a tray of the store-bought variety and when more were requested I knew it was time to try the Pinterest version.  They were a little work intensive, at least for me.  The dough was super heavy and required an overnight rest in the 'fridge.  They rolled out wonderfully, however, and baked up nice and light and I can pronounce all the ingredients!  They're currently resting and we'll hork them down later tonight.  My calorie count for today is gonna be bad.
I also whipped up a batch of doughnuts, dough for individual meat-free pizzas for dinner last night and coffee creamer.  I'm outta recipes for the moment so I may have no choice but to deal with the things I don't want to deal with.

Before I go check the state of my laundry room - dumping ground for all outer gear  from the shovelers - I'll leave you with today's March Madness challenge:  Masking.  Masking is simply using any shape - positive or negative - and applying some form of color over it and then moving on.  You can use mists (if you have them in your stash and haven't ever tried, today's your day), paint, ink pads, even crayons or colored pencils.  Masks can be anything - doilies, diecuts (purchased or cut on your own system),  chipboard, stickers, lace trim, even a post-it note cute to shape.

Remember to share your link in the comment section by the end of the month to be eligible for goodies.

Happy Saturday,


Deanna said...

Here's mine using masking. I used a doily heart to mask with and then layered another doily heart next to it.

"A Love For All Seasons"

Lori said...

Deanna, that page is just beautiful. I love the mask and then the layover of the heart. So simple, yet effective and lovely.

Jessica Navarro said...

I have posted my take on "masking" at:

I used a lace cardstock and textured paste to create the mask.

Lori said...

Dang girl...Look at you working multiple challenges! Nice job.