Thursday, October 24, 2013


I'm not a gruesome, bloody, horror-flick type of Halloween decorator.  If you saw my mantle yesterday, that's pretty clear.  So it's no surprise that today's inspiration (from, duh, a Pinterest search) caught my eye.  The Pin led me to Kelly Panacci's blog (a long-time "name" in the scrapbooking world).  This cute little banner has lots of things to choose from to inspire your creation today - and bonus, there's a tutorial to pleat washi tape today!  See it's meant to be.  Choose what you want from the piece below to translate to your project for today.

Link up your creation to the comment section for a shot at the October drawing. 

Go.  Create.

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Charlene said...

I love these banners! Super cute. I wanted to incorporate them into a layout but we got sick midweek! :(