Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's a Grande Kinda Day & Croptober

I rolled out of bed this morning with remnants of "the bug" in the form of a cough.  That annoying non-cough where you need one good cough to stop the chain, but can't get it so all you do is continue these lame coughs.  Hmmm. . .so what can fix it?  Ahhh. . .Cinnamon Dolce Latte of course.  And because it's a particularly aggravating non-cough, I think a Grande is called for instead of my typical Tall.  I'll regret it later because I'll have all that nervous energy, but hey, my cough is going away!

Monday was the start of Homecoming week for my two High Schoolers.  As tradition calls for there's all manner of spirit activities - like Neon Day (Monday).  My daughter (with the orange headband) and her pals below.  My son wore a nice bright shirt, but it's tough to get him to do selfies with his buds.  I like the tape my daughter provided to help a couple boys get in the spirit of Neon.  Yesterday was Generation Day - Freshmen dressed as babies/toddler - my Freshman son did not participate in this one.  He refused to wear the footy-pajamas suggested by myself and his sister.  Go figure.  Juniors were "grown-ups." I suggested my daughter, the Junior, go with an arm-full of dolls.  Nope.  Briefcase?  Nope.  Wooden spoon in a pocket, apron on, smudge of flour, baby in a carrier, purse slung over a shoulder, permission slips in another pocket?  Nope.  So she dressed as usual and headed out. 

Today is Team Day, dress in your favorite athletic apparel.  With the (much anticipated) NHL opening day being yesterday, my daughter's in her Bruins garb and my son is decked out in a German soccer team jersey.  The 5 y.o. seeing the trend, and liking to match his sister, donned his "B's" shirt as well and rolled up his fleece pants (she was wearing leggings).  Before heading the 5 y.o. off to school, I switched out the rolled up fleece for a pair of black shorts; a tad warm and bulky the fleece was.

Today's Croptober challenge I searched Pinterest for a Halloween layout and found this one, which lead me to ScrapMatters member gallery and ShanScraps' layout.  I love the clean and simple format - I think it's digital, too.  It is part of a two-pager, so you can follow the link to see both sides.  Use whatever you need from the layout (the subject, the layout, the colors, a technique (she's "stitched" and "stamped") to inspire your work today - card, layout, pocket page, mini album, decor, whatever.

Link up your creation to the comment section for a shot at the October drawing.  And if you create at least two items from this week, I'll find something else to reward one person with.

NOTE:  Prep for tomorrow - post your answer in the comment and the key will be provided on Thursday - Ghost or Ghoul?

Happy Wednesday,


Deanna said...

I'll go with Ghoul.

wendipooh13 said...

ohhh the drink sounds yummy!!!!

Patchi said...

I'll pick Ghost. And I love the inspiration LO, with the angled photos and the strip. I need to lift this one...

jengd said...

Cute photos and yummy sounding drink. I may have to check and see if they can do something similar sans coffee- can't stand the stuff. :( Personally, ghost. Oh, great inspiration LO!

Patchi said...

Here is my layout:

Deanna said...

Here's mine! I was inspired by the layout design and also the theme.

"Trick or Treat"

Lori S @ Apron Strings said...

Wendi - it is super yummy!

Jen - You could probably get it without coffee

Patchi - such a cute layout!

Deanna - good to see your work again