Thursday, October 17, 2013

Drinking My Apple-a-Day and Croptober

I, in no way, consider myself a drinker.  I will have a beer now and then - had a Guinness a couple weekends ago when we were out to dinner.  In the summer I'll try a new micro brew.  Wine comes with special dinners or events.  Hubby brought home some apple beer that is really, really good.  But even with how good it is, I only have one now and then.  

A little back-story here, hubby is a self-taught connoisseur of whiskey of all kinds - the more he learns the more he loves and the more he hunts out new varieties.  His perfect vacation is the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky or heading to Scotland to tour every distillery he can find.  When these apple distilled whiskies showed up in a little brown bag, I was not surprised.  They are only those tiny little airline-sized bottles, so when he asked me to try one I said, "Sure," knowing they wouldn't be taking up space on my counter for long.  I must also point out I am not a whiskey fan - most of the ones hubby likes are way to strong for me, or taste like dirt.  I approached my shot with caution.  The Red Stag was the best of the three - like a super hard apple cider.  Actually, it made me wish he had a bigger bottle.  I could see having a sip with him while enjoying the colors from our front porch.

Today's inspiration for your Croptober challenge comes from a layout created by Jennifer Halleck using this month's Bigger than a Breadbox kit, the Pebbles Thirty-One line.  Choose what you want from it to inspire you.  Maybe you've got the kit and needed to see it "at work" to get you moving to use yours.  Or the colors - which are yes, seasonal, but these papers are double-sided which makes their uses open up.  Use her actual layout.  Select an element - the ribbon flower, the scroll or maybe the cut-outs from one of the papers (the "31" and the bat.)  Maybe you've got other floral papers to use.  Whatever it is, go.  Create.

Link up your creation to the comment section for a shot at the October drawing.  If you complete two or more of this week's challenges you'll get a little extra treat from me.

Finally, for tomorrow's challenge you'll need to pick one:

Pumpkin or Apple.  Leave your choice in the comment section, then come back tomorrow for the key.

Happy Thursday,


Unknown said...

Those are neat little bottles! I would try those ;) I choose Pumpkin!

Charlene said...

Here is my layout:

Lori said...

They were good little bottles too ;D