Friday, November 1, 2013

Post Halloween and a Recipe

Ah, the post-sugar crash.  Too much candy.  Too little sleep.  I'm sure the classrooms are a fun place to be today.
But my little fireman had a great time going door-to-door with his dad - he definitely had the process down.  Blustery evening and all.  More than blustery - it was crazy windy.  Despite the wind and cold temps we had tons of kids, most of them older.  I think we figured we had almost 150 kids.

Inside, with the older three and their friends, there was pizza, a scary movie, some homework doing and a game of "Logo" to end the evening.
I mentioned my first attempt at this recipe was an epic fail - the overfilled loaf pan bubbled over in the oven and never cooked through despite cooking for more than an hour.  Rule 1) follow the recipe and directions, just once, before making changes.  This Snickerdoodle Bread was worth a second try.  This time I used four mini pans, as directed.  I probably should have made five loaves - the batter still bubbled over (used a baking sheet under the pans to catch the drips).  It still took longer to bake and my tops sank.  I'm not sure if I need to up my oven temp to set the rise quicker or what.  I'll make them again because they are good - the family loved. . .LOVED. . .them.  Moist, cinnamon-y, crunchy sugared top.  Just darn good.  When I make the next batch, I'll do five loaves and see how that works both for the sunken tops and the bake time.

My husband's brothers are coming into town tonight.  His younger brother, wife and daughter (from California) are coming in to have their daughter baptized here.  We have the usual Friday dinner thing - which may include a couple extra people, so I need to alter my menu.  The weekend is feeling full with just the baptism.  But the 14 y.o. has an EXPLORE test tomorrow at 7:30 AM and then he needs to head to the foothills for research on an Earth Science project.  There will be a family dinner and probably the inevitable impromptu thing.  The older boys may be helping someone with their yard work.  Church.  And other  need-to-do weekend stuff.  I'm feeling unmotivated to do any of the things that need doing, so that makes the things on the calendar feel overly hectic.

Remember, you have until Sunday to complete and link up your Croptober projects.  Any one project from this month gains you an entry into the October drawing.  Doing any two from this week gets you a little something extra.

Happy  Friday,

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