Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekly Recap and Gobble Up Stash

Last week was the Week O'Birthdays.  My son's and my sisters and then again with the party for my son. Even the 5 y.o. had a birthday party to attend on Saturday - Mad Scientist themed, he came home with goo and tales of smoking, popping, oozing things. There was pumpkin pie (my son prefers, and almost always has, non-traditional birthday fare.)  And then there was cake - angle food is a great low cal choice until you load up the layers with whipped cream and strawberries and then pour strawberry glaze over the towering cake.  Oh, and then there was more cake - this time pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin spice cupcakes (again, non-traditional for my otherwise traditional boy.)  All of which were served with scoops of ice cream.

The sweet-o-rama of last week may explain the extra pounds on the scale and the did-these-pants-shrink-in-the-dryer feeling.

Outside of the parties and cake eating, I did very little.  I'll blame the cake coma for my lack of initiative.

It's a new week with the shedding of calories to do and the using of stash to tackle.  Today combine the following sketch from PageMaps and dig out some of those bits and pieces of embellies and trims you keep - you'll use it well in this sketch.  I love that the sketch has places for those tickets we love, but may not always know what to do with and has lots of little bits and pieces.  You could probably get two more photos on here if you needed - one more above and to the right of the larger photo and one directly beneath the smaller, lower photo.

Share your link in the comments and earn an entry into the November drawing.  This week, I'll also toss out a goody to anyone who completes two of this week's challenges.

Happy Tuesday,

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