Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Weekly Recap and November Challenges

It was a busy week for us, the majority of which involved Halloween.  The foggy, cool days invited me to pick-up my knitting again.  I'm determined to finish some stuff while it's a good thing to have something warm on my lap.  I have a sweater and a pair of socks to complete. As predicted the leaves in the yard were raked up in to big piles on a cool afternoon.

This past weekend was probably one of our busiest since we stopped having soccer as part of our lives.  We had family in town for a baptism.  My husband's brother and his family live in California but flew out here to have their daughter baptized.  The older brother from Kansas also came in, so there was lots of family gathering over the weekend.  

In between the family things, there was a Freshman ACT test to get to early Saturday morning, some Christmas shopping to do, and a drop in hockey thing for kids who don't play.  My 16 y.o. took the 5 y.o. over to the local rink to see the "hockey boys."  The 5 y.o. decided too late that it looked fun and was deeply disappointed that he couldn't suit up in skates and gear.  Now the the 16 y.o. is on the hook to take him back for some open-skate time as the 5 y.o. spent the rest of the weekend saying that he'd "missed his hockey game."  The 16 y.o., being a huge hockey fan herself, is over the moon that he's so enamored.  She's taught him to read the scores on the TV screen during games, including what period the game is in, he knows about three-quarters of the teams by their logos, and whose "house" the game is being played in.  We've taught him simple math using hockey scores, i.e.  If the Av's have 3 and the Wings have 0, how many goals do the Wings need to tie the Av's?  The kicker?  He knows!  He's recently found NHL Live on xBox and seems to enjoy the fights - not sure I like that.

While they were on the ice, hubby was running around town doing some errands and I was driving up to the Hogback to take the 14 y.o. on a field trip for data for an Earth Science project.  It was a gorgeous day.  I've driven through the Hogback many times but had never gotten out to hike the site.  I wish I'd parked on the other side (the Hogback is split by I-70) to read the boards about its formation and what not, but as it was it was so nice to be with the 14 y.o. - just us - and watch him data gather and just chat.  He talks about being an engineer and as I watched him climb and slide gathering photos, I said maybe he should be a geologist, to which he said he didn't think he'd like it much.  Could have fooled me with the information he knew and applied, and his energetic data gathering.

Since this post is photo-heavy, I'll post November challenge information separately and later.

Happy Tuesday,

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