Thursday, September 24, 2015

Throw Back Motivation

While I'm pretty productive these days in certain areas - getting into the organizing of my house, staying on top of problem areas, menu planning, even writing notes for next year's garden (what the???  I know!)  However, there are definitely areas in need of some work, like oh, getting on the blog (hence today's title, a nice mash up of Throw Back Thursday and Motivation Monday) or doing my own crafting.  

I have a pile of things set aside for the Girlie's next care package, but would like to pull together one more thing.  With luck, or an empty house, which is highly unlikely to happen, I might accomplish the project I have in my head.  Otherwise, it'll be up to the god of crafting to help me take the time.

If like me you need a little motivation, you're in the right place.  Start with something inspiring, for me it's a color pallet.  I love this one.  It's sort of the scene outside my windows.  Colorado blue skies and varying shades of green and going-to-gold leaves.  It's bright and fresh, yet seasonal.

It definitely speaks the fall language with its paling greens and heathered blues.  The September Smaller kit, from back in 2010 (I'm sure I don't have pieces of this kit left - cough, cough) uses this color scheme and the designers showcased outdoor photos with the My Mind's Eye Quite Contrary Little Boy Blue as their backdrop.  The colors actually become quite a nice neutral.

Think that's it?  Just Fall?  Heck no.  Those brighter lime-greens would support Spring time activities as well.  They would be fantastic with winter activities, too.  In fact, the colors are also found in the Smaller December kit (top pack) in the Little Yellow Bicycle Making Merry line.

So, now it's your turn.  Find your inspiration and get going.  Me?  I'm going to load up my Silhouette and see if I can't get some pieces cut out for that project.

Happy Thursday,

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