Thursday, September 10, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

It's been a long time since my fingers touched paper that wasn't school related.  With the cooling temps (though not today, with it near 90) I start itching to be crafty and creative.  I've been eyeing my knitting tote, and the embroidery on my dresser has been calling my name.  My scrapbooking totes keep trying to slide out from under the desk, where they still sit waiting to be pulled out.

This layout was the last one I completed at the long-ago-attended crop.  It uses one of my favorite manufacturers - October Afternoon, and their Witch Hazel line, is as far as I remember, their only Halloween line to-date.  The Bigger kit came out in October 2012.  I know there are Second Helpings from this line, and at least one TV Dinner.

The photo was from 2007 and it was clearly a cold Halloween, I see knit caps under hats and Under Armor under costumes.  I'm not sure why I only had one photo from this Trick-or-Treat night, but I did and so it became a one-pager.

I remember working on this layout and making the conscience decision to layer.  It was a mantra that night, because I said the same thing about my last posted layout.  I love ledger papers, they're such a great neutral, but like larger graphic papers, I have a hard time using them.  I don't know why, ledger paper is just lined paper.  Clearly, I need to get over it.  

Because I really liked the column titles and the top of the paper (makes a title unnecessary - so does the photo, but you know), I built the page below.  The line's pallet went pretty well with the costumes, so that helped in choosing the papers.  Then it was just a matter of chopping, punching and moving things around until it felt right.  I used only three of the kit's embellishments - the chipboard pumpkin, which I inked with a stamp pad and added some pen detailing to; the velvet scroll border (which I maybe should have extended to the left border, shrug, oh well) and the glitter button that holds down the folded right corner of the ledger paper revealing the stars on the other side.

I still have a fair amount of this kit left and so another layout or two can be created.  With lines I love, I keep them together for as long as possible before cards and/or sorting into my stash.

Happy Thursday,

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