Wednesday, September 16, 2015

We Are

We are recovering from losing the weekend, and Monday and Tuesday to some stupid summer bug.  Stinkin' fever when it's 90 degrees.  Who said that was an okay pairing?  

Because I barely moved off the couch for two days, and we are heading into our birthday-palooza with three birthday in six days, I've got some serious catching up to do.  The as-of-now 7 year old, kicks us off celebration-wise with his birthday today.  We'll celebrate this weekend with family, so I've got a house to clean, presents to purchase and celebrant-specific treats to make.

  • We are cutting quite the dapper figure for picture day.  Love the boots.
  • We are wondering why . . . WHY? (fists clenched high in the air). . . is it so difficult to read for just 15 minutes?  Why?
  • We are park-bound on a glorious afternoon
  • We are reading, while they are playing, First Impressions.  It's no Outlander (but then what is?), but it's okay.  It's a back and forth between Jane Austen and a current time bibliophile.
  • We are needing something sweet and needing to use some on-the-brink blueberries. Look for it on Friday's post.
  • We are day two - just me, my companion and my fever.  Blah.
  • We are surprised the Girlie's dorm room made it a month before looking like this.  That alone is impressive.  The mess, while impressive to some, I've seen many, many times before.
Happy Wednesday,

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