Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Stash Busting

I have a fair amount of ribbon.  I don't need spools or racks or some special contraption to sort and hold it all.  I have mine stored in five mason jars, sorted by color.  So, not bad.  But then I don't usually have a problem using ribbon on my layouts.  I have gotten creative with ribbon in the past, but usually, it's a border, or wrapped around a block of paper, knotted, or tied in a bow.  

Ribbon is, however, fairly versatile and adds great texture to layouts.

If you even have five lengths of different ribbon in your stash, you can do this simple, and cute ribbon trim.  You can do more or less.  Different widths.  Hang it from the top of the page.  Drop it down the sides.  "Hang" a few less strands from buttons.  Take the inspiration and run.

Mix in some ribbon with your patterned paper pennants and banners.

Photo Corners were a frequent embellishment way back when.  They were great for highlighting a photo or covering some photo "noise."  You don't see them much anymore, but using ribbon to create a Photo Corner. . .well, there you go.

I mentioned I've wrapped a journaling card or some block of patterned paper with ribbon.  I'm pretty sure I've also done a photo, but this is just a good reminder.  Instead of trimming off the "deadspace" wrap ribbon over it.

A few strips of ribbon can create a border.  Go diagonal (like above), keep it straight along any other edge.  Embellish where all the ribbons cross.  You can even add a smaller version of this border under embellishments - a grouping of flowers, a journaling card or a diecut. 

Now, go unravel your ribbon and play.

Go.  Create.

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