Wednesday, June 15, 2016

We Are

Last week we took a quick trip out to Kansas City, KC for my nephew's wedding.  All four kids were involved, in some way, in the ceremony.  It was freakishly hot - in the 90's the entire time - but thankfully the humidity didn't' really ratchet up until the day we left.  It was a lovely ceremony and the kids had a great time at the reception.  Saturday we spent driving to St. Louis, touring the Arch, and driving back to KC where we enjoyed a late dinner with hubby's brother's family, who hosted a post-nuptial dinner.  

Because of being on the road last week, I didn't post, so there's a few things to catch up on.  Brace yourselves.

  • It's like watching a Gazelle . . .
  • Or not
  • With the final Cheetos throw, Field Day 2016 wraps
  • Last Day of Second Grade
  • Somewhere under the five pounds of topping lies a tablespoon of ice cream
  • Two destinations for fishing nets zero fish, and one sign with the closest spelling of your name you'll find
  • An impromptu trip to to the Nature and Science Museum, for a brother to meet an online friend, means strolling through the exhibits.  Water wins.
  • Do Mule Deer hear any better than 7 y.o.'s?
  • You put them down as recipients for your ACT and SAT scores and they like what they see so far.
  • West Kansas plains
  • I am NOT, read NEVER, ready for the heat of summer.
  • I miss road trips in the same car.  More than I even anticipated when we lost the car that fit us all, and decided not to replace it.
  • Two Servers . . .
  • A Ring Bearer . . .
  • and a Reader
  • The Happy Couple
  • During the Father/Bride dance, they invited all the dads and daughters.
  • During the Mother/Son dance, they invited all the moms and sons - our dance looked more like a Rugby Scrum, though.
  • Dancing
  • Lots of dancing.
  • The inevitable crash after a night of hard partying
  • The Arch.  I've been one other time and it's much the same.  Though the experience of getting in has changed a lot.
  • Looking cooler than the 95 degree heat would lead you to believe
  • Afraid to go up, but once up we couldn't get him out of the windows
  • View from the top
  • 630 feet up Group Selfie
  • Scrubs?  Check.  Clinicals coming up.
  • The first casualty of the year.  #RanIntoTheWindow
  • 4 v 4 Soccer nights with friends.  He's still got some skills.
Happy Wednesday,

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