Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Stash Busting

Washi Tape.  This is one of the few products I, 1) have little of and 2) rarely use.  I'm not sure why - it's like ribbon, only better!  It self-sticks.  It's flat (which makes it great for pocket pages) yet provides some texture.  It's bright.  It's festive.  It's versatile.  Like I need a reason to buy more of this cute and easy to use product, I still went in search of ideas, you know. . . reasons to justify purchasing more.

I really like pennants.  They are an easy to use embellishment.  Then I saw these washi tape pennants and decided to hit my local store for several rolls of tape, just to make them.  I have no idea what layout they will land on, but they will make an appearance.  Take it in a bit of a different direction and create the pennant shape (or rectangle, triangle, or square) around a toothpick for flags.

Some washi tapes come in packs of four, or so, coordinating designs or colors.  If you have such a package, this could be a way of using some.  Create a background.  I think there are seven different tapes used on this layout, but you could get away with using less - three or four.

Got naked chipboard or wood pieces?  But the thought of stamping, inking, or the dreaded paper covering, to dress up your piece keeps you from using them?  Fret no more, these may be ornaments, but it demonstrates how easy it is to use washi to wrap your shape and call it done.

Those little mini clothes pins are a fun little bit to add to your page. Dress them up with a bit of tape, whether they are natural or painted.

These frames may be on the wall, but that doesn't mean they can't be transferred to the page to highlight a focal photo.  Keep the ends square, or miter them if you feel the need.  This idea also sparked a thought to outline the edges of a plain journaling card (lay half the tape along the edge, and then fold over to the back side for a thin edge.)

Washi tape provides a simple way to add color behind punched shapes, like this "Happy Birthday" but could also be used behind any shape.

Use the tape as a simple border.  Make it straight, along any edge - embellished ends or not.  You can also create on the diagonal.

These may be thumb tacks, but the idea can be translated to brads, especially if you have brads, but not in a color that works on your layout or card.  

Layer and weave to create corners.

Change up a Corner just a bit to create a chevron pattern.

A few rolls and a few ideas.

Go.  Create.

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