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Tackle It Thursday - Organizing Your Space, Part 2

I'm currently working on getting my tree down. . .yes, I know.  All the other items are taken down, though there are a few items that need to be boxed in the living room, the tree is the last.  I have two of the three ornament boxes packed.  I need to get the last down, so the boys can disassemble the tree before they leave this weekend.  After that, it's time to get back to my studio space/basement and finish that area so I can get to making a habit of making Me Time.

It's always good to go through your creative space and the things in it.  Sorting and purging, reorganizing storage and arrangements that don't work.  Just don't use the "my space needs to be gone through" as a reason to not work.  

REPOST from January, 2013 

The following ideas are inspired by, "The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker" by Wendy Smedley and Aby Garvy.

Today it's about getting inspired - and not just inspired to purge, sort and clean.  One of the keys to organizing your space in a manner that works for you, and inspires you, is to be intentional about what you bring into your space.  To do that:

Be aware of what inspires you - when you realize what inspires you it will help you choose the photos to work with, the products you are more likely to use and it even helps you get rid of what doesn't inspire you.  Not to mention how it will help direct what you bring into your space.

Gather your inspiration - wrap your inspiration around you like a cozy blanket.  Whether you tack things up on the wall in front of you, use much-loved items within your space or use Pinterest to keep track of your ideas, having them at your fingertips is key.

Pick your organization method - all the ideas in the world won't help if you can't find them.  There are any number of ways to organize - it's what works for you.  It may be more than one thing that works and it may also take some re-doing to iron out what isn't working.  These are just a couple ways to think about it:  
  • Organize Randomly, just having your inspiring ideas grouped together - this is not the "pile" method, but rather a loosely organized system - think ideas pinned to your wall or maybe it's several baskets lined up on your desk holding various ideas. 
  • Organize by Category like by color or techniques or tips.  
  • Organize by Project by collecting all your ideas for any project into one place.

Store and display your ideas - here is where knowing your working style will help you with your purchases - your intentional purchases.  If you have to see everything - looking for great containers that hold your items while being able to see them and then group them nicely within your work space (this works even if your works pace is the kitchen table.)  Gathering items that have meaning into your space will continue to inspire (and decorate) your space.  If they happen to be containers, all the better.

Inspiring storage could be:
  • Vintage or handed-down dishes, bowls, baskets or other containers that double as decor and are great for holding items.
  • Books, binders and magazine holders allow for corralled, but easily accessible storage of ideas torn from books, sketches, notes on ideas, print-outs from classes or blogged techniques to try.
  • Jump rings are an inexpensive way to hold ideas for layouts, sketches, tips, techniques, or, if you are a closed-not-visible kinda storage person, supplies that are stored behind closed doors (paint, stamps, dies, etc)  Just sort out accordingly and bundle on to a jump ring and string up the rings.
  • These days - Pinterest - is just a click away.  Shoot set it to be your homepage when you turn on your computer for quick inspiration.  It's a great place to look for ideas you haven't even thought of but will know it fits when you see it. 

How this works for me:

I know from reading through the book, the questionnaire in it and years of working myself through several incarnations of my space that am a "Closed and Visible" kind of person. This means I like the neat and tidy look of seeing my supplies (the majority of my containers are clear or translucent) but with lids to keep things in check.  Containers without lids don't work for me - it feels clutter-y.  If I can't see it, I'll more than likely forget I have it - case in point, my stamps which are stored behind closed doors.  I also know that books and binders to keep track of things I can't see doesn't help.  I'm not a tear-er-outer of ideas.  I've torn and the pile never gets flipped through, it just clutters my work space and in the end they get tossed.  Pinterest has been my virtual "tearing out" that totally works.  I have recently discovered I love the farmhouse/cottage look.  I like items from the 30's, 40's and 50's.  I love colors, which makes it hard to narrow down which to use in my space.  On the other hand knowing this has helped me when it comes to storing my supplies.  Because I think by color, I know that sorting a large portion of my supplies by color works for me.

Take some time to think about what inspires you, how you think and what you currently have in your space that either works or inhibits your work.  If you're feeling totally lost as to what you like or your style, surf a little on Pinterest, even if ultimately you don't use it.  Start with Apron Strings' Board Studio Spaces.  Next use the search field with key words like "craft storage," "craft spaces," or "scrapbook spaces."  Just pin what appeals to you, don't think too much about it.  Then go back to your board(s) and you'll start to notice patterns.  Colors that appeal, or styles you lean toward.  Even storage ideas, or at least a method to start with and see if it works.  You'll also see things you don't like, try to identify what it is.  Like maybe you love the storage cubes, but all the paper is just stacked and it looks messy to you - hint, you might be a Closed and Visible, or Closed and Not Visible kinda gal.  (Read Part One if you missed it.)

Happy Thursday,

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