Wednesday, January 25, 2017

We Are

After last week's travel, things quickly settle back in to normal routines.

  • Named Arvada Hockey Mite Intermediate Player of the Week
  • Hopefully for her, Old Navy #employeediscount
  • When you get your husband a Pellet Smoker for Christmas
  • Family Game Nights everyone plays
  • Same rink, new weekend, unfortunately not the same playing.  Someone's head wasn't quite in the game
  • Dogs riding in cars
  • His hair does the same as his brothers' hair  #hairgelrequired
  • An impromptu trip down south and the breath-taking Sangre de Cristo Range
  • This could be the road to a future cabin getaway
  • When part of the reason you look for property is proximity to hunting and fishing and this is the sign you get
  • Views from Westcliffe . . . I could stand to look at that

Happy Wednesday,

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