Wednesday, January 11, 2017

We Are

Hubby surprised me around Christmas with a couple trips we'll be taking in the next few months - very excited!  It is the first time we have traveled without the kids since 2004.  

We are leaving the three older kids alone.  By themselves.  Without adult supervision.  Never mind that the older two are "adults". . . in the government's eye at least, it's still an odd thing to think about them have total control over the house, the dog, the fish and each other.  The youngest will be with my parents.  Unfortunately, they'll have to deal with a hockey tournament schedule - and we'll be missing him play in it.  

In any case, I have been pretty preoccupied in making sure things are covered.  Popping sticky notes around the house as a reminder to feed the dog and the fish.  Sending schedules to my parents, so should they pop in, people are where they should be, and there are no extra people in the house, people whose laundry I don't do.

  • Welcoming in a new year
  • Post-holiday slow-down in retail
  • Family game night
  • When you have to go on errands with your dad and brother
  • I have no idea what I was talking about - a daily occurrence
  • When there's finally enough snow to bring out the sled
  • Corrupting your granny by showing her how to Dab
  • Star Wars Costume Exhibit
  • Big thanks to the sister who dragged you to a cool exhibit, though you doubted
  • Cards Against Humanity, Pretzel Sticks and Sparkling Cider . . . holiday highlights
  • When your crew finally celebrates the holidays
  • Day Two of six days off
  • Making good use of the telescope Santa brought you
  • "What?  You got up."
  • Things every woman thinks when she's walking in heels
  • Adulting. . .it's not for everyone

Happy Wednesday,

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