Wednesday, February 15, 2017

We Are

Last week, hubby took me on the second of his surprise road trips.  This time we headed to Waco, Texas and the Magnolia Market.  If you watch HGTV, you may be familiar with Fixer Upper and the hosts who purchased huge grain silos, renovated them and opened up shop.  That was our destination, while the kids held the fort at home.

  • 7 PM, your husband (who has "run up to Cheyenne") calls, breathless, to tell you he's in trouble.  After a multitude of scenarios run through your mind, he tells you he's gotten himself high centered in a-middle-of-nowhere shortcut Google Maps provided him.  Flash forward to three people, a truck, shovels and several hours after a hair-raising-off-road-where's-the-ehfing-road-blood-pumping-WTH-was-he-thinking drive in an attempt to not only find him, but un-stick him.  We'll leave it at we finally arrived back home at 3 AM - the day we were heading to Texas.
  • Our route to Texas, took us back through our alternate route home from Oklahoma last month.  Without the white-knuckled snow and ice drive, there was some great scenery.  Including this extinct volcano.  The only thing of elevation for miles and miles.  The ancient lava flows stretched equally as far.
  • We hit a town in Texas, I forget where, and there were huge flocks of geese.  I've seen big flocks in Colorado, but this was insane.
  • Colorado sunsets are awesome, but there is something about  ones that streatch across flat land
  • Meanwhile, back at home, we were heading for a record breaker day - with 67 degrees early in the morning
  • Everyone was enjoying the 80 degree February afternoon.  F.E.B.R.U.A.R.Y!
  • Some were salty they didn't get to enjoy the afternoon at all.
  • Those who were salty did enjoy a birthday evening with friends, sushi and key lime pie.
  • Then there was weekend hockey, though not a tournament - that is this weekend - which made it a bit easier for grandma and grandpa.
  • Then and Now - far nicer views
  • Then and Now - I have to say, Cadillac Ranch was far more interesting in the ice and snow.  We opted not to get out and see it up close, because frankly, I think it would have been a disappointment.
  • I fan-girled it around the property, did some light shopping and we snagged two cupcakes, from their bakery, to enjoy later, after dinner.  He's a fan of the show, but he'd certainly never make a pilgrimage. ;)
  • Feet out for sleeping
  • When you can't roll out of bed, into leggings and out the door.
  • Cupid's arrival
  • The 8 y.o. showed great restraint in the icing and sprinkles departments.  Some fellow classmates. . .not so much.
  • Iced coffee - homemade
  • Sitting next to your BAE
Happy Wednesday,

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