Wednesday, February 8, 2017

We Are

It's been a rough couple of weeks, well months really - since Thanksgiving - with my in-laws.  My father-in-law's recovery has been slow, with a few set-backs.  My mother-in-law has had her own challenges, and a couple hospital visits, the most recent is still ongoing.  These events definitely spice up the everyday, and not in a positive way.  But. . .they are both moving forward and that's what matters.

You add their difficulties to some nasty, sticky congestion making it's way through our family, my mother's "Worst Lungs of the Day" awarded by her doctor for her own sticky, nasty thing, the 8 y.o.'s strep diagnosis (with nothing but hives presenting) last week, and he's home again today with a fever, plus the daily things of family life and we're a bit rough around the edges.  Hubby, who woke with a new and interesting cough this morning, and I are due to leave town again soon (the second of his surprise trips) and I can't help but wonder if these are signs we maybe should rethink things.  However, I'm not sure there's anything that will dissuade him from plans.

  • Catholic Schools Week and Parent Appreciation Day - started with breakfast burritos handed out in the drop-off line, finished with skits, songs, poems and cheers honoring parents.
  • Nobody said following your dreams would be easy, but it will be worth it
  • When your 16 y.o.'s social media feeds are filled with astrological ephemera
  • I love it when he plays - too bad he doesn't do so in the public spaces of the house more often
  • The things we make her do for a treat. . .pretty sure she hates us
  • When Family Game Nights dissolves into searching for, finding and watching ridiculous videos of songs the kids found when they were much younger.  It's even worse when you remember the lyrics, such as they are.
  • Celebrating with Samoa Blondies and Samoa Pie, topped with 20 candles
  • What happens when the party's over but you left your phone unattended
  • How can this Sweet Pea be 20?
  • When your friends SnapChat their stalking around your house at the crack of dawn and you are afraid to go outside, but you find these instead.  #theyremembered
  • There are times being up early is worth it
Happy Wednesday,

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