Wednesday, February 22, 2017

We Are

It was a week of fantastic, if highly unusual weather, hockey games galore and plugging along through life.  

  • This stance comes with a rapid prancing of the front paws as she braces for the throw
  • Her peace
  • His passion
  • To be honest, she only goes to school looking like this
  • The hockey version of a pre-game scrum
  • Yep. . .she hates us
  • When you're trying to pay for school, but your hours get cut
  • Or not
  • Eight games over three days - one win, a couple close ones and some not so pretty ones - he had two shots on goal, some good passes, several steals and an overall "scrappy" performance - minus a game or two where he may have been asleep.
  • Crazy warm weather means a return to yard work
  • When you think you're ahead and find, yeah, not so much
  • When all your toys are finally out of the dryer
  • Class selection for next year and the line to infinity, you're at the end and there's a rapidly ticking clock marking how long you've got left on your off-block 
Happy Wednesday,

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