Wednesday, August 16, 2017

We Are

Is it wrong to want to be dancing the back-to-school dance?  All day long?

I've picked up most school supplies - need a tub/tote thing for the fourth grader.  The high schooler has his basic supplies and a new backpack.  It remains to be seen if his teachers will require anything specific.  

I've ordered a couple new pieces of the fourth grader's uniform.  I'll order more items when the weather turns cooler.  The high schooler has several new pairs of shorts.  Like his younger brother, cool weather shopping will wait a few months.  The college girl takes care of her own supplies and books, and clothes for that matter.  And the 18 y.o. is working for now.

  • We do seem to spend a lot of time in the meat sections of grocery stores.
  • Breakfast of champions for a girlie and her friend.
  • She waited a long time to finally be rid of the dinosaur
  • When your Uncle, who also loves a good climb, comes out to visit. . .
  • . . .you plan another fourteener - this time Mt. Bierstadt
  • A throw-back arcade.  Legit from the 80's.  The only difference, you play a flat fee and play all you want.  Same cramped hand.
  • A little back-to-school party for the 8 y.o. 
  • What's a gathering of kids, in the summer, without water balloons?
  • Up at 5 am (which isn't a big deal to these guys, all their jobs require early rising) to head to Kansas City and a Cold Play concert
  • Keep the humidity, but I'll take the greenery
  • When one of your Kroo can't go and it's not the same, so you bring him along anyway
  • Concert time
  • Cold Play - Kansas City, KS
Happy Wednesday,


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