Thursday, August 24, 2017

We Are

I thought it was a quiet road up to the start of school, until I started gathering photos.  We - or the kids at least - were busy sucking up the last of their breaks.

  • The 18 y.o. capped his summer with two more Fourteeners - Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Cameron.  One frosty climb early in the morning - and a glimpse that this freakin' heat will come to an end . . .
  • . . . the other much more comfortable, later on the same day.
  • The Girlie and her Kroo make a return to the state after a trip to Kansas #allthesameshirts
  • The 16 y.o.'s first day of school - bring on Junior Year.
  • The perk of being dragged with your parents to the Peach Festival is that one car sighting that will sustain you through the rest of the hot drag down the festival lanes.  #mustangobsessed
  • It was hot, but we collected our peaches, and peaches for several family members
  • I'm not sure the weather will cooperate and be cool during the long weekend of processing peaches - putting up some halves and making jam.  That's the plan anyway.
  • I need a five-day weekend
  • When your family decides to clean the carpets and leaves you no place to go
  • First Day of School for these two.  Still need a shot of the 16 y.o.
  • Eclipse Ready
  • Shots of our eclipse experiences.  We were all in different places, but it was exciting nonetheless.  We reached about 93% totality here in the Denver-metro area.  It was an odd filtered light, with no heat.  Weird, in a good way.
  • The media called it the Great American Eclipse.  So, there's a drink to go with that.  It wasn't bad. . .lots of tequila.
  • When the house is quiet, it's a love hate thing.  Nobody bothers you in your sun spot.  But nobody bothers you.
  • Sunrises (photo courtesy of the 16 y.o.)
Happy Thursday,


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